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Julia Busch Hansen

Helping children and parents achieve their full potential

Chartered Educational Psychologist

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Julia Busch Hansen
BA (Hons), PGCE,
Cert.Ed. Psychol.,
AFBPsS, C.Psychol. Chartered Educational Psychologist



The faces of the children shown are for the sole purpose of setting up this website and to the best of my knowledge have not been clients of any psychological services.

Lawrence 200pxsilhouette w smMy commitment is to help children and parents to achieve their full potential and to bring together parents and teachers with the aim of improving the immediate environment for the child/young person.

silhouette w vsmUsually parents/teachers are stuck with their own problem solving analysis on the issues concerning them for a particular child/young person. That is the point that they call an Educational Psychologist to help move them on. Another common question is β€˜Is my child reaching his/her potential?’ or β€˜I need to know what sort of school ethos my child will benefit from?’

silhouette w vsmI offer a friendly and caring approach in which to work one to one with a youngster and I am very adaptable to the particular individual needs. I can see a child at their school, in their own home, in my home or another mutually agreed location. The more unusual locations include assessments in hotel lobbies, a stable yard, and a hammock in my garden!

silhouette w vsmI intrude as lightly as possible on busy teachers working days. I try to use record keeping that is already taking place within that school, rather than impose my own form, when collecting background evidence. I try to discuss the child at a time that suits the teacher on the day and provide pointers to work from in my report. If I carry out a classroom observation, the aim is to see what it is like for the youngster to be part of this learning group, rather than to observe the teaching skills standard!

silhouette w vsmI write a comprehensive report within two weeks of seeing the youngster, that has practical action points to work from at the outset and then use as a school based review later on.